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Erich Fried
this site contains the german originals
& my own translations
i hope despite my incomplete english
you get the confusing depth
of Erich Fried's verses


reckless artistic nature

learning process

anxiety and doubt

earn and bear

constructive self criticism


preservation of materia

strange child

liberation from the big idols

need knows no command

of the inner freedom

abandoned room

a collector


one agitated poet's questions

the edge

what it is

  a collector

my findings
but they will them again
disperse into all four winds
after i'll be dead

old gadgets
fossilized plants & animals
colorful postcards books
broken dolls

all words too
which i have found
my incomplete
my insatiated words

Ein Sammler

Meine Funde
Aber sie werden sie wieder
zerstreuen in alle vier Winde
wenn ich erst tot bin

Alte Geräte
versteinerte Pflanzen und Tiere
bunte Postkarten Bücher
zerbrochene Puppen

Auch alle Worte
die ich gefunden habe
meine unvollständigen
meine ungesättigten Worte

first published 1978
in '100 Gedichte ohne Vaterland' ('100 poems without homeland')

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