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2011 07 18 / D


to discern between TRUTH - REALITY - HONESTY - GENUITY
look up under definitions (currently nothing there)

2011 07 12 / B
chernyist666 I.G.O.R
There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths. #Nietzsche
5 Jul

Ra "There ARE no eternal facts, as there ARE no absolute truths. #Nietzsche"
@chernyist666 : ISn't that just a big fat rollercoaster TRUTH ...
12 Jul

the question has to be asked about reality, along the own defintions
without defintions of truth vs reality, both are not distinguished & therefore exactly same, or at least entangled & interexchangeable & thus in danger of bias
bias is nothing but the bending of reality to the own mind map reality & thus losing grip on reality, called illusion or worse, insanity

if there is the fear, that after everyone has an own definition of reality, there is no understanding
this may be the fact in the beginning, but that's not more of confusion, but the same old confusion just made now visible, tangible at last
if people are interested to communicate, then they will try to understand other definitions
also io to learn better definitions from others, that's how a better quality of defining the world for a better functionality takes place

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what's the catch