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2011 07 18/19 / D


highly insufficient description :

objectivity is nothing but another form of an absolute, means unchanging world, passive world driven only by blind & senseless reaction
within that form of thinking remain still unanswered questions
in a supposedly reactive world should even the idea of sense not come up at all, let alone the pursuit for sense
& lack of sense is not to poke for better options than the given by using & developing intelligence
would an explicitely reactive world be the reality, intelligence shouldn't & wouldn't work at all
but the reality works very different, using intelligence one can topple the strongest, the most sturdy, the best positioned
the reality of intelliegence contradicts objectivity

the goddess of objectivity likes to present herself as unbiased, impartial & thus honest
she wears often the clothes of truth, reality & honesty

Albert Einstein had offered with his relativity theories a serious threat to objectivity
but objectivity's devotees following the urge for a modernisation, the separation of objectivity from absolutism,
they came up with the idea of pairment between objectivity & relativity
that idea was & still is a great success, since it offers the possibility to think from different perspectives
but still under one uniting perspective, the perspective of objectivity, which contains all relative perspectives at once,
not just those present, but also those from the past & even those still unthought from the future, as well as all illusionary perspectives
objectivity clothed as relativity allows even more, detachment
detachment, especially emotional detachment is the key to objectivity
lack of responsibility results from detachment
thus objectivity's success : minimal requirements for responsibility, emotional detachment

before Einstein's theories scientists viewd world from the absolute unchanging perspective, the AETHER
that perspective contains all laws of nature, also ...

... & incomplete too

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