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2011 07 19 / D


greed is a very powerful goddess nowadays
her pet is a magpie

she loves drugs, drugs make her rich
she's a dealer
she loves the massmarket, the serial reproduction, cloning, copies
she hates individuality, being different
she loves the hiding places of anonymity

when you fight greed, get anonym, she won't find you
get decent, gray, invisible, average
strive to be normal & hate it being normal, don't hate yourself

greed loves also those too busy to get to senses
therefore she hates consciousness & awarness

she loves haste, stress, pressure

greed operates in the space of the quality of quantity, of the more of the same, of plenty of duplicates

greed also loves mostly the avangarde
avangardists are greed's vangards
where avangarde is today be sure of it, will be the mass tomorrow

greed loves also excessive emotionality, the mob, the lynching, headlessness
therefore she loves stupidity & hates education & culture
she hates moderation of course, she hates slowness, but she thrives best in the rush hour when you're stuck in the traffic jam

she names those slowly stupid & those rushing clever

greed loves the diagonality & the contrast, her most beloved is black&white
she loves to hate
she loves swamps, mud, filth & mold

greed loves exaggeration of course
high emotionality fires her space

thus she hates reason & compassion

she loves exchangeability

paired with fear she gives birth to corruption

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