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there is a rudimentary difference between the "european" & the "chinese" sort of understanding the world & moving within that space of world
either materially, as aims, actions & results or conceptually, virtually, as the mind set, mind map, meaning, feeling, hermeutics

that european sort bases in the FEELING & expands into the SOUND, the LANGUAGE, the SPEECH
the chinese sort bases in the CONCEPT from which the feeling is truncated
thus the CHINESE SCRIPTis a CONCEPTUAL one, the EUROPEAN SCRIPT is a felt one, amounting around a FEELING towards a thing, situation, someone
in the followings the european sort of understanding of the world resulted in a totally different script than the chinese did
the european sort of understanding the world has produced a script based on the sounds of the spoken language,
while the chinese sort of understanding the world has produced a script based on the concepts rethought,
not the spontane recourse between object & subject as the european people did
the europeans based their language on their thought movement between themselves & the oject observed in the moment of the encounter
a spontane way
the chinese people restricted themselves from such a spontanity, stood back & measured the world along clear preconceptions
while the european people didn't care for any concept, they even didn't had a concept of a concept, they reacted simply, that's what spontanity is

[have to think about Spike - the second male figure in the Buffy universe & more maybe even of that actor, James Marsters
i suppose Spike symbolises the european way, Angel the chineses way]

>>> have to examine the mongolian attacs on china in their history - more historical understanding of mongols is needed

thus the chinese CONCEPT-SCRIPT contains per sign a complete understanding of a quality of something, situation, someone
the european FEELING-SCRIPT records just & simply the feeling, the resourse between the subject, person, the autor & the object, the encoutered,

thus could the european script be realised as a compilation of bits, those bits are the spoken sounds, which contain the respective principles

Spike - spoken - speach - spy - spew - pie - mockpie/magpie - stew - spill it out - spontane

the chinese script is not a spoken, but a though, rethough, construed script
the chinese script consists of important issues, based on predictionary aims

the european script bases on the aim to act, to barter, to deal, to gain, to exchange, to learn, to interact

european script is INTERACTION based
chinese script is CORE based


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