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2011 07 14 / BD


05 july 2011
belief to be saved [negative paternalism]

02 july 2011
i think, behind all human doing there is boredom,
pain is the best killer for boredom, the most bland one, but curative immediately
along the pain we remember instant what's what & which direction's the absolutely right for us
we knew it all along, the quality passes, THE KNOWLEDGE STAYS, the INTENT, but the object of knowledge passes, we change, objects change
does it mean then that we have to hop from pain to emergency io to live right,
can't we do it better than just living at the stress edge
yes i think, stress is nothing but the drug of importance
& thus it's based in the own uncleansed indulged even inferiority
excessive indulgence is nothing but withdrawal from responsibility with the hope that somewhere sometime there is a paradise to discover
uncleansed, indulged inferiority, the passive paternalism shovels pleasure
passive paternalism shovels pleasure, pleasure stuffs pain, pain's the killer of boredom, boredom's base's senselessness, ...
... sense has to be created one by one, it's a striking row
stress - too important to have time, being busy with important stuff, preoccupied
preoccupied means reserved, already dedicated & definately not free
why not free? io to avoid UNCERTAINTY

so is UNCERTAINTY directly linked to PATERNALISM
negative paternalism is a form to deal logical with unsolved & thus unbearable uncertainty
with not learned & not taught solutions to the problem of uncertainty

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