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2011 04 25 / B
is mere a matter of decision to be unconditionally happy, any other happiness is addiction

2011 07 25 / B
Twitter :
Matt Halloran, coach
Happiness is that state of consciousness
which proceeds from the achievement of one's values.
Ayn Rand

comment :
that's success, not happiness
it's equal how beautiful, noble, strange we define happiness,
if it is not unconditional, it will fade or become addiction

but to live hapless is an error of mind map
mind map responds untrained, uneducated, unguided & unguarded wild
with focussing on the next goal while chasing happiness
but what we harvest that way is addiction not happiness,
addiction or dissatisfaction, when we are lucky to see through our own webs

2011 07 07 / B
loganenator loganenator
by reflectingarea
@ @ellyblue Have you seen the "politics of happiness" work by the finnish think tank Demos Helsinki?

2011 06 22 / B
understanding is created - copied understanding isn't any, it's storage - understanding needs value & use -
pure understanding is senseless as happiness & love are conditionless, all base in the pure will

2011 06 20 / B
steadystater Joshua Nelson
by reflectingarea
Happiest Countries in the World
"there is more to happiness than economic growth" #postgrowth #neweconomy #steadystate

2011 06 13 / B
@ @TheNoteboook :
Release anyone & anything that doesn't support your happiness ...
& you are the fourth monkey drugged with an idea

2011 06 02 / B
Buying Experiences, Not Possessions, Leads To Greater Happiness via @AddThis

2011 05 14 / B
Economic growth seems to be not enough to guaranty happiness
Happiness surveys now in Britain & France too

2011 04 21 / B
Stendhal : beauty is the promise of happiness
personal beauty raises happiness
reality meets expectations
the ability to produce reality which fulfills expectations
first, one had to know the own expectations ...

2011 04 16 / B
Resurgence_mag Resurgence mag
What is "Gross National Happiness" ? explained in 3 min
what a great idea from a small land Bhutan !

2011 04 13 / B
probably the most unfortunate trait in people is
the ability to endure unhappiness, for decades & with the help of all sorts of drugs

2011 08 11 / B / website written (weblog)
it is made possible by negative paternalism
it means
to trust & believe others more than oneself
to leave the own judgment, to leave it underdeveloped
to be not able to adress the own needs in a constructive way (destruction, aggression, outbursts)
to be not able to adress the own needs in a powerfull way (depression, shyness, shame)
to have been punished for the developement of an own meaning, of a deviating meaning (accommodation, conformism, betrayal)
to have been rewarded for the suppression of the own meaning, of a deviating meaning ()
more complex even
to have been rewarded for an own deviating meaning, but not have been taught to be able to judge it from different perspectives by their outcomes & decide for that which meets best the own interests & not abuses the interests of others, have not been taught to be able to buitld compromises, which are not losses & withdrawals but gains, win win agreements :
to care for the win of the other means to acknowledge him as important,
to value the wellbeing of the other as important,
to value the other as enrichment of the own life

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