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2011 08 10
being constructive differs from being positive,
being positive can also mean being just elusive to reality

2011 08 25 / B / website written (weblog)
being constructive means not necessary just being overall constructive
it also can mean that someplace, even overall it may be plainly destructive

constructive, positive, destructive, negative,
all those named evaluations as with any named evaluation,
which is captured within a word
which means, that you cannot evade it (an evaluation) by -not naming- it, since the ability to name is the initial action, which counts, not the fulfilled naming itself, already the ability to naming makes out a duty to naming & thus by not naming although one is able to name means the refusal & a refusal has it's special grounds* & by not naming we just escape from the responsibility, which we already have together with our ability & our duty
- why do we become able to do smthng ? we are able to smthng after we asked for, if we are able, then we realised the idea to be able, then we wished to be able, this ability may be just an idea, not the actual action, so our ability as our responsibility refers to the actual space in which an ability can be actually performed by us, the less able we are in the less spaces in which we perform an action at least once, the less responsibility we have regarding that ability & that action - able to the idea, able to know where to ask to learn, able to learn, able to perform once, able to perform a repeat, able to perform usually, able to perform as a daily task, able to perform flawless, able to perform all the time - those are some of the most important ability steps, the more steps we are able to perform actually, the more responsibility we shoulder & because with ability comes gain, thus we have with this step also the duty to deal with this ability responsible
- we have the right & thus we have the duty -
to name wrongly is also a special form of unfulfilled duty, to name wrongly means not to care enough for the link between the name, the action & the result, all those three have to have to be linked smoothly & have to correspond to each other with the tendency towards flawlessness & effortlessness, if they don't then(after we can perform all three) [decay of culture] then we move backwards, the life goes just one way, the way of future, foreward, the way of wish, the way of change towards smthng originally new - to pace the new, to keep up with the new, with the very originary is the right the only correct pursuit of life, any other form of change & existence tends towards the other direction & that's the opposite of life, the death
demand = asking for an ability | grade & gravity of the responsibility = fulfillement of the ability | answer, fulfillment of the contract = results out of the ability to perform along that ability = duty to polish the fulfillment of the ability |
the demand is the action which initiates future, future is ability to prolong the ability to live, the ability to live means to change, as long we change, as long we are alive, the ability to perform it smoothly & effortless depends on our willingness to care for our smooth & effortless performace of it

to name wrongly is still a better fulfillment of the duty than to refuse to name, besides along such an occurance (the refusal to name, especially to name wrong) there is recognition possible about the hidden problem within, its evaluation has to be made particularly adapted to the special case

* (has to be defined first)
are already a product,
a product of an intern complex evaluation process
& every such evaluation process is generated along measurements
& measurements are based on decisions generated earlier in life & still active
either those decisions are being made conscious or unconscious
if one is able to perform consciousness, then one has a duty to do it & thus means to perform decisions also conscious,
to escape from a responsible usage means to refuse the responsibility which has to be carried out (because of the "duty after demand")
& the tryout to escape such responsibility means not to answer although one has to answer because one can answer
any form of an answer is better than non, than not to address the question at all
[Christa Reinig - Gott schuf die Sonne]
ignorance is here by any means not excusable, but as everywhere else, one is free to do what one means to prefer
evaluations & measurements can be changed & can be corrected,
they also can be worsened in performance & result according to the own, even if one means to act according to the own wishes
the difference between those two lies in the measurements


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