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2011 08 12 / B/D / CLUSTER - DIVISION cluster

2011 08 17 / B|D / website written (weblog)
division & cluster are a question of scale, the distance between, the ginnungagap
where is ginnungagap there is creation possible, but not necessary happening, there has to be demand
demand is the will, the space to drow into, the dedicated space for what's coming out of ginnungagap
the use, just the use guarantees the safety of demand, without the use it's garbage & it's poison
the use is the only sense to be as to make is the only sense to be

do you make material, then it is material, do you make virtual then it is virtual
>>> virtual fear


2011 08 16 / B|D / website written (weblog)
a CLUSTER is a group of FUNCTIONS, which tend towards a point, a CENTER
a DIVISION is a group of FUNCTIONS, which tend outwards a center point og the group

a division contains words, which are used traditionally synonym, which are often used in exchange for each other
nevertheless those words have nothing in common & shouldn't be used that way
words of a division do not replace each other
a synonym usage of division words creates a confused understanding of everything

a cluster is a group of words, which support each other, complement each other
cluster words are also direct opposites either negating each other directly using negating parts like un-, in-, a-, ir-
or are positive formulation of such negations

2011 08 12 / B/D / website written (weblog)
clusters & divisions are taking place & act within mind map

clusters are words, which form together a common reality & depend on each other
divisions are words, which clustering distort reality to a common one

synonyms are usually often divisions
synonyms are used interchangeably & thus distort reality if the matter is about setting & reaching goals, producing outcomes & results

on the other hand clusters are parts of the same matter, which are usually not used as
dependend on each other, following each other, sequences, resulting out of each other, conditioning each other

contents of clusters support each other & create reality
contents of divisions if used as clusters distort each other & reality

it's about words, names, the actions which those words indicate & positions from which those words are spoken
there isn't any word formulated before there isn't a position attributed

2011 08 12 / B
clusters & divisions

example of a CLUSTER :
belief - trust - disbelief (positive needed2) - distrust (positive needed1) -
benevolence/good will - disappointment - claim
claim driven - gift - loyalty - fear driven -
driven/unfree/must/measurement/denominator/ruler - charity - hautiness - hybris - dissect
[doubt - 2scepticism - 1suspicion - blame - guilt - culprit - inculpate - punishment - censure - condemn - neglect - ]

to clust & to divide changes the rules of the existence literally,
it's about the mind map of things, the road map to conduct own life,
it has to contain all needed aspects to provide owner success

remember :
success is when you set a goal virtua, know the skills needed, have the skills set,
act & produce tendency 100% goal materia

to clust & to divide means :

things, which were divided & different matters
are then the same recognized from different angles, facettes

things, which were exchangeable synonyms are then different matters,
which tend to have nothing in common than sheer existence
they were divided & they were exchangeable you thought
without severe consequences, free of existence distortion,
wrongly thought
this thought alone's already the resulting distortion of unsufficient generated & thus working,
producing irreal views, factual failures
more in the same direction means
to excuse, to find own view supporting aspects, evidences, remake facts or plainly fabricate "clues"

current human brains work mainly within that sector of thinking,
it's a tail wagged dog
i'm the dog & my brain thinks on itself, leads on, where my life's going & how,
does my brain do that cause it's an evil vicious thing ?
this idea already is fabricated by that sort of brain-owner constellation,
to deprecate oneself is often a successful road to being acknowledged, building trust, being alowed to rule (Uriah Heep)
& thus it's a manipulation technique to get where one's heading & what one's aiming at,
being slimy builds advantages of freedom to act

the human brain is a highly distilled organ,
trained & improved through hundreds of thousands of years, working concentrated efficient,
our last century endeavors is nothing compared to the past human brain training

your response to those words is already the way how your very personal brain is dealing with "inconclusive" material
there is literally an infinite amount of possibilities for your brain to get you where you have to be, act & get brainy results

what i'm telling here is an overall pointing,
which contains a similiar working for the most people,
but you have surely your very special cocktail of measures to deal with everything
including your pretty box of brainy tricks

one good starter to improve your brain relation & interaction between yourself & your organ brain is the vipassana meditation
vipassana is a signal to your brain, to point out who's the boss & to tell it, what to do & how,
it's just a starter but right direction
unlike other organs like liver, eyes or limbs is brain functioning not really efficient if it's just left to work on its own,
a brain is like a pointer dog,
what's its use to you that it lives free but is untrained & brings you indigestible, even poisonous toads
a good working brain needs goals,
& its not the job of a brain to create goals,
a brain can find you ways to get to goals,
can point out what you need to do & which skills you need io to achieve goals,
but it's not a brain's job to point sensible & useful goals,

it's about values &

a pure brain is completely unbiased, for a brain it's equal if you live on or die, now or later,
thus apathy is a normal state created after the unbiased brain took completely over,
if you have fears & if you were able to come through life relatively unharmed,
then you have still some power over your brain restraining it to destruct you both in the process of complete impartiality

values is what you have to set & not your brain,
values are extracted from life & real working results not mere brainy thinking
vipassana gives the brain some training in ability not to jump to conclusions after smthng is
happening, it trains to overlook by will


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