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2011 05 10 / REINIGEN RINSE

word of the day : reinigen

rinse - recent - re/chant - re/cant - re/scent - re/initiate - run - Rhine - rush - rune - raunen - rumour ^^^

vvv raw - crude - rude - ruede - red - rosso - horse - coarse - race - rush ... - river - rzeka - rzecz - res - reason - reality - realm ^^^

vvv rill - roll - ritzen - ridge - crease - furche - furrow - wrinkle ... - brook - break - bruch - fraction ^^^

vvv rove - rewind - reverse - re/vient - ravine - rinnen - rinne - runnel - ROW - quarrel - affray - fracas - (altercation) ^^^

vvv wrangle - array - ray - rosa (pol: morning dew) ... - re/chant - "re/canalize" ...

mow / move X rove / row

2 themes : A) the returning of something, which makes it real & B) the rushing of something which makes it moving & movable

has probably to do with the domestication of the horse & the invention of the horse as a draft animal within the agriculture, ^^^

vvv which is then probably ca 7.000 years old, but the moving part is much older & has to do with rivers as a way of transportation of loads

history of usage is of course not linear & not separated from wider spread influences, thus cannot be traced like a line, ^^^

vvv today we would call it a crowdsource, nevertheless, ^^^

vvv there isn't one idea without just one head, which belongs to a single human, that someone is the source, ^^^

vvv that human is the space within which several nurturing each other ideas come together ^^^

vvv under the very special, unique quality of that human & appear as an unique & absolutely new idea out of literally nothing

of course one could argue if not the source makes the human come to his idea & that's at least the same question as ^^^

vvv that if energy is a wave or an entity & the same as if at the beginning of it all there was the egg or the hen ^^^

vvv i argue for the single entity, the human, because that argument makes life worthwhile first at all, ^^^

vvv maybe for a bee or an ant it's the other way around, but i doubt even that, ^^^

vvv the core of the argument is the regard, respect, esteem for that limited space of an unique unexchangeable irreplaceable quality ^^^

vvv somewhere else there may be something similiar, but not the same, ^^^

vvv one space is just one space, that's the limit of existence, & not just that of materia, ^^^

vvv even one idea is one idea, there cannot be two ideas in the same space, because ^^^

vvv that idea is nothing but that very same space & another space bears another idea, ^^^

vvv you can test it for yourself, try to think of two ideas in the exactly same moment ..., thus one needs at least ROWs, ^^^

vvv to align those ideas one after another, like in a rosary, a japa mala, a misbaha, any prayer rope

but of course i am still circular in my argument, that's the difficulty, there is no end, as there is no beginning to be sensed

the new dedicated space appears middle in the usage first, i still don't get it, if it's possible to foretell it or not & if not, then why


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