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2011 05 25 / OPTION

word of the day : option

etymological classic is the combination oP/oPs & oK/oC/oX - but those two are not the same value/quality, ^^^

vvv oP is about containment, about the possibility, the ability to circumference, in fact -ability- & -about- contain the value of oP ^^^

vvv but -oK- is about a small open space (a space with a small, near but open outlook) which is abrupt -cut-, thus the K in it ^^^

vvv OPTION - OPEN - to combine those two is not classic, but rewarding in terms of new understanding ^^^

vvv the difference between -oP- & -oK- is rudimental & ^^^

vvv io to discern those two from each other the entire TRINITY of basic consonants -P / K / T- has to be taken into account & examined ^^^

vvv that TRINITY combined with the preceding -O- ^^^

vvv what is that preceding -O- anyway : it is smaller than the open space of -A-, which is limitless, ^^^

vvv -O- is limited but contains enough freedom to live in it & not to experience its ends, ^^^

vvv probably the difference between A & O lies in the scale, the adequacy, fitness, suitability, between the measurer & the measured ^^^

vvv OPTION - OPEN : io to examine those together i have to look for the A besides of the O, because ^^^

vvv the words based on -oP/oB- -oK/oG- -oT/oD- are not entirely in use (lost or existed never before) ^^^

>>> disruption with thoughts about Twitter itself as microblogging - very interesting results - will implement them in the next time <<<

vvv oP oB ORB orphan (!!!) elephant alp alb (to swell, callus, welt !!!) ^^^

vvv ORB ORBIT orbital ("the eye socket", the planets "socket", the place kept free for something specific, -reserved, dedicated space-) ^^^

vvv option : (alternative), (ability to diverse actions with diverse results, to move not just within one quality of action but several) ^^^

vvv further research needed about : ORG & ORD


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