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2011 03 31 / BENEVOLENCE

2011 03 31 / B
2011 07 28 / D
word of the day : benevolence

a man must do, what a man has to do - but there is of course still the question to answer,
what is the right thing to do ...
... if you are that far, to ask that question,
then you've got further than the most people, but of course still not far enough ...
... to be able to bear & stand the doubt & the asking for the right thing is not enough,
but it's still the only working starting position

benevolence : bene vene - bella vella ...

... or how Aleister Crowley put it : Will under Love - another one, Antoine de Saint-Exupery : you have to look with your heart

to clean without to ask : WHAT FOR, won't do -
there's a significant difference between clean & pure, i suppose, it's not even in the words

we are so very prone to action, our world is full of action,
we feel not alive, when we are not in action - that's suspicious - it's a drug
i could of course be in action too, but : WHAT FOR,
what is the right thing to do, what is the outcome, what do i know for sure as working

i just pray, the world has the power to sustain us, but i suppose, it has, & i'm sure of it, we haven't, we have indeed to make better
Ra, isn't there any more positive to tell : yes, we have another day, new possibilities ahead

until you actually commit to them by choosing one idea, quitting your day job and committing yourself 24/7 :

benevolence : the negative definition of it is
' honi soit qui mal y pense ' ("Shamed be he who thinks evil of it".)

benevolence : german / Guter Wille, the Good Will - it's also simply the basis of Nonviolent Communication & of the Transactional Analysis

benevolence : it's the basis for any sort of communication

benevolence : at times it seems to be not possible to produce & we choose then the shortcut of any sort of violence

so, what distinguishes violence from pure will : the outcome, the goal intended, the motivation, the WHAT FOR & the ways we choose

how to prove something before it happened & when it happend it's too late - catch22 again - via @AddThis

@ @daniel_garcia_r So the shake-type and wind-up (dynamo) types are both powered by electromagnetic induction?
gakuranman Michael Gakuran

the difference between good & principal is that the principal contains the bad & good, the good excludes the bad, it sounds cold, reality is

my nation’s leaders don’t venture inside the 30-kilometer radius around the Fukushima nuclear power plant via @forbes


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