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Alfred Hitchcock - short biography
All the Cameos
Hitchcock, la légende du suspense / in french
Alfred Hitchcock Filmworld
Alfred Hitchcock Filmography
Alfred Hitchcock (1899 - 1980)
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oscar winner 1940
1940 DVD Joan Fontaine
Laurence Olivier
Judith Anderson

Daphne du Maurier
Robert E. Sherwood
& Joan Harrison
Franz Waxman
George Barnes

( Verdacht )


1941 DVD Cary Grant
Joan Fontaine
Nigel Bruce
"Before the Fact" by Frances Iles
( Anthony Berkeley Cox )

Franz Waxman
Harry Stradling
the movie, which definitive founded Hitchcock's fame as master of suspense
unforgettable scenes:
is there poison in the milk? - Cary Grant steps a staircase upwards carrying a glas of milk for his wife
is he trying to throw her out of the car while they drive olong a chasm? or is he trying to calm down her hysteric fidgetiness?
Shadow Of A Doubt

( Im Schaten des Zweifels )

Joseph Cotten
The Film Foundation
"Movie Extra 6051 East"
La sombra de una duda
l'Ombre d'un Doute
1943 DVD Joseph Cotten
Teresa Wright
Mac Donald Carey
Gordon McDonnell
Dimitri Tiomkin
conducted by:
Charles Previn
Joseph Valentine
one of the rather less known movies by Hitchcock, undeserved since the very subtle & highly thrilling relation between the niece, a girl on a doorstep to a woman & her attractive & sympathetic uncle, a murderer of older women

( Ich kaempfe um dich )

Freudian themes in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Spellbound'
1945 DVD Gregory Peck
Ingrid Bergman
Michael Chekhov
Leo G Carroll
"The House of Dr. Edwards"
by Francis Beeding
Miklos Rozsa
George Barnes
Salvadore Dali
interesting not just because of the combination of Freudian psychoanalysis & its surrealistic visualization by Salvadore Dali
the story is thrilling & reminds me to another film with Gregory Peck - "Mirage" directed by Edward Dmytryk in 1965
("Das 27. Stockwerk")
Stage Fright

( Die rote Lola )

But one can learn a great deal more from one of Hitchcock's misfires than from many other filmmakers' best works.

Marlene Dietrich & Jane Wyman in Stage Fright
1950 video Marlene Dietrich
Jane Wyman
Richard Todd
Michael Wilding
"Man Running" by Selwyn Jepson
Leighton Lucas
conducted by:
Louis Levy
Wilkie Cooper
maybe not one of the best films by Hitch, but somehow interesting because of the tangled & complex storyline
things are not like they seems to be at first
there is
the tough Marlene Dietrich & the gentle Michael Wilding

reminds me to another film with Marlene Dietrich
"Witness for the Prosecution" by Billy Wilder (1957)
Strangers on a train

( Der Fremde im Zug )

1951 video Farley Granger
Robert Walker
Ruth Roman
Laura Elliott
Patricia Hitchcock
Raymond Chandler & Czenzy Ormonde
Dimitri Tiomkin
Robert Burks
a strange movie about a conflict of conscience when one is profitting from a murder & catched this way in the trap of blackmail
a nice contribution of Hitchcock's daughter
Dial M for Murder

( Bei Anruf Mord)
1954 video Ray Milland
Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings
John Williams
Frederick Knott
Dimitri Tiomkin
Robert Burks
the peak of the tension is reached during the fight for life, in which the victim survives killing the aggressor with scissors,
an often citated scene

1998 there was a slightly good remake with Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Douglas & Viggo Mortensen/David Shaw directed by Andrew Davis, title "A Perfect Murder", screenplay Patrick Smith Kelly
Rear Window

( Das Fenster zum Hof )
1954 DVD James Stewart
Grace Kelly
Thelma Ritter
Raymond Burr
Cornell Woolrich
Franz Waxman
Robert Burks
a dense movie of mainly happening nothing

the situation of the to a wheelchair for a certain time chained reporter is similar to ours, the spectators' watching on the other side of the screen

recommended also
Van Johnson as a blind playwright in "23 Paces to Baker Street" directed 1956 by Henry Hathaway
( "23 Schritte zum Abgrund" )

The Trouble with Harry

( Immer Aerger mit Harry )
1955 DVD John Forsythe
Shirley McLaine
Edmund Gwenn
Mildred Dunnock
Jack Trevor Story
Bernard Herrmann
Robert Burks
the most comical film by Hitch, where the murder seems to be not important at all & all people are more busy with themselves than with any sort of fear
Shirley MacLaine's laconic kind is very refreshing
To Catch a Thief

( Ueber den Daechern von Nizza )

Grace Kelly's fab B&W dress
some cheesy comments
1955 DVD Cary Grant
Grace Kelly
John Alderson
Jessie Royce Landis

David Dodge
John Michael Hayes
Lyn Murray
Robert Burks
the most fluffy Hitch

The Man Who Knew Too Much

( Der Mann, der zuviel wußte )

pics with Doris Day
1956 DVD James Stewart
Doris Day

Charles Bennett & D.B. Wyndham-Lewis

Bernard Herrmann
Robert Burks
a touching story about an average american family struggling to get out of attentat preparings

Doris Day sings here maybe her most famous song
"Que Sera Sera" in a heartbreaking way

see also another hitchcocesque DD film by David Miller
"Midnight Lace" (1960)

( Aus dem Reich der Toten )

Widescreen Cinema
The Vertigo Web Pages
De entre los muertos
Bernard Herrmann
/le Maitre de l'orchestre

Vertigo computer graphics
Adaptations cinéma
Belfast Festival
Rare photographs
1958 DVD James Stewart
Kim Novak
Barbara Bel Geddes

"D'Entre Les Morts" by Pierre Boileau/Thomas Narcejac
Bernard Herrmann
Robert Burks
a traumatic Hitchcock world
full with symbols, colors, dreams, illusions, love & lies

maybe it is the less real film by Hitch, where the dream/illusion is just a small step away from the daily reality of lie/illusion

James Stewart is proving here once again his marvelous kind of acting
despaired trying to reach the beloved woman of his life or maybe rather the freedom from his obsessions
North by Northwest

( Der unsichtbare Dritte )

great home monuments
Stills from the opening
La Mort aux Trousses
on DVD
I thought you just collected corpses

1959 DVD Cary Grant
Eva Marie Saint
James Mason
Jessie Royce Landis
Leo G. Carroll
Martin Landau
Ernest Lehman
Bernard Herrmann
Robert Burks
it's an incredible movie with Cary Grant, where he can play out masterly the full bandwidth of charm, sexappeal, comical & acting talent
Eva Marie Saint plays great her female part & is looking simply good, fragile & tough at the same time
Jessie Royce Landis (mother) gives the movie the necessery touch of supporting roles depths in her unnerving mixture of naivity, sarcasm, comic & courage

there is just one movie with Cary Grant, which i prefer more & that's "Charade" by Stanley Donen (1963)

Introducing Tippy Hedren
Marnie, the Phantom, and the Dead Mother
Review by Guido Henkel
How Hitchcock Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blonde.

1964 DVD Tippi Hedren
Sean Connery
Louise Latham
Diane Baker
Bruce Dern
Mariette Hartley
"Marnie" by Winston Graham
Bernard Herrmann
Robert Burks
my last favourite film by Hitchcock, Tippy Hedren torments herself through life after a "tough childhood"
Sean Connery is trying hand in psychology & taming the beasts of Tippy
decent as early 60's movies had to be, but nevertheless a "sex mystery"
but who played Jessie?
Kimberly Beck!

i will accomplish this list by further informations, links & if necessery some more pictures
i do not think that the ammount of films will change, if so then rather into the earlier movies by Hitchcock,
which i know just very sparse
more informations about the persons (actors, componists & so on) will follow with the time surely
the mentioned films are also waiting to be linked & described

Beam Of Classics
Truffaut & Hitchcock / spanish
Hitchcock Films

Screen Dreams

if you can't get enough of Hitchcock
then maybe you try "The Final Cut"

it's still available here & there
i didn't test it, so can't say anything about the content or quality

Alfred Hitchcock - short biography
born 13 August 1899 ( UK ) died 29 April 1980 ( USA )

as typically Hitchcock can be named:

strongly construed films along stylized ideas, set together out of small & smallest hints, visual or verbal informations to the audience along the told story
dramatised clear appearance, sexuality presented in a gentleman like manner, same as a gentleman like violence
rather psychologic than a bodily form of violence, cruelty & fear
expressionistic influenced

Alfred Hitchcock by Luc Fournol

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