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2011 07 30 / FREEDOM - UNCERTAINTY (cluster)

2011 07 15 / B
just because -i can in fact- put smthng somewhere means not that i can indeed,
in fact can be achieved by violence, but it will fold to the correct fact eventually,
the violence is in every aspect of ability weaker, the momentary success is not a gain, but a delayed loss !
loss & gain have to be defined by the initial goal, no escape here, changing the goal midway shows the inability to set goals correctly
taking the gain not projected is covered loss of the gain projected
i think all i talk about right now here is about SENSE, the sense of doing smthng at all, equal if skilled, loose, known or whatever
& that means that it's also about senselessness & that means that it's about disorientation, uncertainty - let's say it's about those
UNCERTAINTY - SENSE - SENSELESSNESS & that way also about the own original CORRECTNESS - GENUITY

2011 07 14 / B
working currently a little on UNCERTAINTY

i think, Shunryu Suzuki formulated UNCERTAINTY best as "NOT ALWAYS SO",
which can be linked to the FREEDOM FROM FREEDOM & that way to the "Kill the Buddha" principle
the hindu formulation "neti neti" is somewhat lacking since it points directly to freedom,
it is linked always to a negation & thus just as an EXCEPTION negating itself & not as a PRINCIPLE
it may be uncommon to demand a principle of actions to be able not to act on the principle, but that's the core of uncertainty
westerners call such a demand "paradox" but paradoxes are nothing than a giving up before reaching a set goal,
which action can be directly linked to the negative paternalism


2011 06 20 / B
Fukushima fallouts without end - crisis still unfolding - green tea exports, psychological stress based in uncertainty

2011 05 28 / B
to formulate impressions is far realer than
to pose statements & manifestos,
impressions contain the own uncertainty, which is always there
uncertainty is the door to the infinity of chaos,
we can just while existing hold that door open
- Susumu Hirasawa - Opus |

2011 04 06 / B
the main question is : is the energy we mean to need worth the concerns over health risks, a human cannot live if he has not the freedom ...
... & to have a lack of constructive experience with an ongoing situation to rely on builds up insecurity, ...
... in realms of insecurity there's no space for freedom, & when there is no space for freedom, there is no space for life, that's the death

the radioactive incident of Fukushima breaks the security of a technological luxurious modern life, it's tending to the human time of caves

should we rely on the assertion, that Fukushima didn't kill anybody yet, or should we trust our own seamingly illogic concerns :
when a human is in trouble, then the only person, who's in any case there is that person alone, one should rely on oneself firmly, ...
... to rely on people, who have to be biased by profession is nothing but foolish, it ends as to be lured into unmanageable situations

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