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20 march 2011
some people have to be pardoned for the most of human faults
because they have participated to humanity in an outstanding precious way
their merrit cannot be deminished in a significant amount unless they kill somebody or are responsible for killings
but usually such people avoid at very wide range such & similiar drastic actions
like any sort of violence toward others
their offenses are usual daily human faults
& unfortunately their violence goes 'just' towards themselves

on the other hand
if you are simply an average people & not striving for any particular genius status
you have to behave yourself at least at your best
that's the minimum of a thriving society

some examples to think about :

Woody Allen - not only cheated he at his wife, but with their adoptive daughter,
but what to think of it, he got divorced & the guilty party got married,
whatever his offenses are it's not simple folly

Edith Nesbit - she pardoned the sexual escapades of her husband to such a degree,
that she adopted even the offsprings,
is sexual misbehaviour to be pardoned, to be judged, to be of any importance as far it's not an act of violence,
because if it's so, then it's not sexuality but violence the matter

Albert Einstein - supported & signed the paper for the ABomb on Japan,
he corrected himself & was since then a supporter of peace & freedom,
does it help those at Hiroshima, surely not,
how much suffering is allowable, needed, i would prefer that there isn't any need to suffer,
i think & wish that people disdain from any violence & thus from any suffering
& that people are able & willing to learn not mainly through the last emergency call,
but because of values, that would establish, i imagine, a paradise
people, who have performed, accomplished & provided, what the world is appreciating
have to be acknowledged far beyond their sheer existence
not the acknowledgment but their provided acomplishment is putting them into such a comfort zone described above,
which has to be realized first by the world
does the world realize their special position of earning, then they get paid by that acknowledgement
doesn't the world realize their special earning, then the world is in debt to them & owes them a lot
& usually those don't get paid enough & have a lot of credit to live on
& thus they have to be allowed to behave somewhat unnormal
already because that unnormal behaviour have brought them where they are & where they are special at all
normal people are normal because they move within norms
but within norms there isn't any room left for any sort of specialty
the basis & very core of normality is the lack to stand out & thus lack of outstanding performance & results
not to stand out in a positive & also not in a negative way
normal people do not stand out in any way & not in any sort of behavior, action & result

further thought - thesis :

people who are special & who are destructive to themselves
show others that there is a lack of cure for a problem which is the base for that destructive behaviour
& so people who behave destructive to themselves, equal if accomplished or not
are unable to help themselves, so they have to learn first about that something
but people, who behave destructive to the world, communicate for help
& in the best interest of the world itself is, to help those people,
so they can be at least able to communicate in a constructive & not in a destructive way
does the world simply shrug them away, it postpones the problem to the next generations
because nothing which is can be undone & none problem which has occured & remains unsolved can disappear
not to see isn't the same as not to be, even if adult people have the childish tendency
to close their eyes & hope that the problem dissapeared that way
but such a problem cannot dissapear, because not what they see, but what they are is the base for that problem
the only solution for problems i know is to solve them & as a closing act, to dissolve from the problem
both have to be accomplished io to transform problems into advantages

but why has it to be real, that problems occur & after occurance don't dissapear :

behind that phenomenon lies the question of the sheer existence
why does something occur at all :

well i know it, but that's a totally different matter
i'll write about it later ...

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